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Flance GOST 12932_85


The flange flat steel, manufactured according to GOST 12820-80.

We produce the whole range of flat flanges according to GOST 12820-80. The range of flanges manufactured by us includes all models of the pressure from 06 to 25 atmospheres.

The flange flat steel, manufactured according to GOST 12820-80.

Flat steel flanges and their advantages

Like many other types of flange, flat flange 12820 is used in various fields and areas – in production, industry, mechanical engineering and other widely used otraslyah.Stol flanges explained by chance: thanks to its well thought-out and at the same time simple design, they are essential elements of the fastener. In addition, due to the simplicity of design flanges GOST12820 easy to produce and use for other purposes.

Ease of flange connections of this type is shown in their installation and during subsequent operation or during repair and construction of entire aggregates or individual nodes.

Flanges 80 12820 GOST – a product made of high-carbon steel, has a reliable and high quality.

GOST 12820 80 on flanges regulates the production of such a product, and its further application.

Flat flanges welded and their features

The main feature of these products is their method of connection to the structural member. Flat welded flanges dressed directly to the pipe or other connecting member, followed by welding them to these elements.

Flat flanges, depending on whether, in what area and the region and to address any problems in use can refer to:

The connecting part of the machinery;
Parts of pipes and conduits;
The connecting portion of the pipeline;
Elements of the instrument, nozzles of tanks, vehicles, etc.

Creation of high-carbon steel flanges enables them to work in a wide temperature range – from minus 70 to plus 30 degrees Celsius. Flat flanges GOST 12820, manufactured using these materials provide the most extensive range of possible areas of use.

Working environment of flat weld flanges
This type of product is used for pumping
Gas and oil
Hot and cold water ;.

Flat flanges 06 atmospheres:

  • 15/21,3*6 атм.
  • 20/26,9*6 атм.
  • 25/33,7*6 атм.
  • 32/38,0*6 атм.
  • 32/42,4*6 атм.
  • 40/44,5*6 атм.
  • 40/48,3*6 атм.
  • 50/57,0*6 атм.
  • 50/60,3*6 атм.
  • 65/76,1*6 атм.
  • 80/88,9*6 атм.
Flat flanges 06 atmospheres DN 100-350:
  • 100/108,0*6 атм.
  • 100/114,3*6 атм.
  • 125/133,0*6 атм.
  • 150/159,0*6 атм.
  • 150/168,0*6 атм.
  • 200/219,1*6 атм.
  • 250/273,0*6 атм.
  • 300/323,9*6 атм.
  • 350/377,0*6 атм.

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